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The AML17 Clinical Trial is now open!

AML17 Clinical Trial now open
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What are the drugs being tested?

Excerpt from Patient Information Sheet 1:

For most patients with AML, the standard treatment involves various combinations of three drugs called Daunorubicin, Cytosine Arabinoside (ara-C for short) and Etoposide.  The two best treatments are daunorubicin and ara-C (DA for short) or these two drugs with etoposide added (ADE for short).  All of these drugs will damage your immune system and make your hair fall out.  Most people will get a very sore mouth called mucositis and you will have treatment for this.  If you don’t have the special leukaemia called APL, you would receive either ADE or DA chemotherapy if you decide not to go into this trial. 
At this stage, we are testing the benefit of adding a more targeted chemotherapy called Mylotarg to these treatments.  This is a special chemotherapy that is attached to a targeting protein called an antibody.  This antibody recognises the leukaemia cells and delivers the chemotherapy straight to those cells.  We think this might increase the number of leukaemia cells we can kill without increase the side-effects because Mylotarg is targeted.  About 4 out 5 people in the trial will get Mylotarg in the first course.  Its main side effects are that it can cause patients to get a little shivery when it is going into their veins and it sometimes upsets a blood test called liver enzymes.  We will generally notice that before there is any problem.  Very rarely it can cause more serious liver upset that might need extra treatment.



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