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What is the purpose of the study?

Excerpt from Patient Information Sheet 1:

Everyone with a new diagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia or AML needs to have strong treatment with chemotherapy to try to get rid of the leukaemia cells.  There are different combinations of chemotherapy drugs that can be used in treating AML.  In this study, we are testing if adding a new chemotherapy drug in the first treatment you get will increase the number of people who will get rid of their leukaemia cells.  We call this remission or complete remission (CR for short).  This study will allow us to compare the best treatments against each other so that we can always make sure that we are using the best and improving this when we can.
When people get remission in AML, there is still a risk the leukaemia can come back.  To try to prevent this, we give more courses of chemotherapy to kill off any leukaemia cells that got missed in the first treatment.  This is called consolidation treatment.  In consolidation, we want to test if some new drugs that have been developed recently can improve our current best treatments.  Some of these are not chemotherapy themselves, but are designed to attack specific targets in different people’s leukaemia.  At the moment, we don’t know if your leukaemia has these targets, but we will find out while you are having your first treatment.



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